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Using the most modern technologies such as scales, scanners and Internet, the system is prepared to support the entire buying process (directly from farmers or entities). The farmer’s bales are weighed, graded (internal and official grades) and palletized by grade. Each pallet are assigned to a specific leaf room location (the system suggests the location by grade). All events that occurred during the buying process are registered and associated to the farmer for future research. The farmers or entities can watch all the buying process in a computer terminal near the grader.  The farmer’s credits are calculated automatically. These values are registered in the rural credit module, where the company can analyze the farmer’s credit and debits and define the real payment using pre-defined rules. The farmer can buy materials before and during the crop or even take some money to make investments in his installations. It can be paid after with his production.  The rural credit module has all information about the farmer and about his farms.  After this, the system is prepared to configure blends with different grades to find the best cost. You can define many different scenarios, simulating the costs. The process orders are defined for a specific blend and you can compare the estimated and the real cost to each process order and manage the quality processes, sending information to the customer through the internet.


Business Benefits and Main Features


Enhanced customer-growers (farmers) relationship through valuable services;

Enhanced operational efficiency and quality control;

Shortened time of buying green leaf tobacco from farmers or entities;

Improved control of Warehouses (Green and Cut Filler);

Improved control of process costs.

TFS is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) developed specifically for Leaf Tobacco Processors and Dealers.

ERP for Tobacco Leaf Processors

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